Health Care Interview

Health Care Interview
Selena Milton
March 2, 2015
Oscar Garcia

Health Care Interview
I conducted my health care interview with Ms. Shannon O’banion. She is a Senior Safety Companion through Fidelity Premiere Health. She is currently the supervisor for the safety companion program at Good Samaritan Hospital. They recently just started the program at Good Samaritan Hospital and that was when Ms. O’banion took the position of senior safety companion.
Senior Safety Companion

A safety companion is exactly what it sounds like a companion. Hospitals hire them through companies like Fidelity to sit in the room with patients that are not to be left unattended. Majority of safety companions are certified nursing assistants or state tested nursing assistants. This is a new program at the hospitals here in Dayton, Ohio and seems to be a successful one because as of now most of the hospitals here have adopted this program. They are taking on new hires every month and orientation is one week long with several courses on electronic health records and refreshers on how to care for a patient as far as lifts.
As a senior safety companion her primary responsibilities consist of completing and entering time sheets, checking staffing logs, checking staff schedules and making changes if necessary, running orientation for new hires for one week out the month, and completing emails for staff. At times she is required to be on call, so if anyone calls off or decides not to show up for work she has to go in to work until she's able to get another safety companion staff member to step in. Ms. O’banion stated, “in the beginning it was rough for me, it was a lot to take on at once and I was not expecting so to do so much, I thought they would ease me into it but they did not they threw me right in there. But I feel that helped me learn faster and adapt better.”
The customers in this field are hospital patients. Most patients are usually suffering from some kind of...