Health Care and Facebook

Medicine & Facebook Not a Good Mix
In today‚Äôs society there are many websites that students and professionals should be aware of.   Although they seem harmless some can cause problems if not used properly.   There have been major issues with students and medical professions using Facebook and other social media sites.   Students and medical professionals have been posting private patient information on their personal sites and many people have found out about the privacy breech.   This paper will discuss arguments and facts that support solutions to the problem, discuss legal and ethical issues that social media sites have caused, explain managerial responsibilities to handle this privacy issue violation and will identify solutions to the problem.                  
  * Using Social Media Sites
The issue is that medical students, residents and doctors are using Facebook and other social media websites to post information that is happening at work.   Although they do not give any names they give enough information that people can recognize what patient it is pertaining to (Mearian, 2012).   This impacts anyone that goes into a medical organization and it violates privacy rules for the patient.   This can also violate co-workers privacy if information is posted about them on a social website (Mearian, 2012).   If students are caught they can be expelled and ruin their potential careers as doctors.   If doctors are caught it could lead to being fired and fined.
  * Arguments to Support Solution
Medical school instructors warn students about keeping Facebook or other social media sites.   They warn them that they can violate HIPAA privacy rules.   Some students have used pseudonyms so only their friends can recognize them and not their employer.   Most sites have privacy settings also where only friends can see their comments or postings.   Most medical professionals also try to stay away from inappropriate contact with patients.   This does not always help because they...