Health and Wellness Discussion Questions Wk 5

Discussion Questions

      • According to Figure 7.4 in Ch. 7 of the text, what are the effects of amphetamines on the body and mind?

The effects of amphetamines on the body are increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, decreased appetite, increased breathing rate, inability to sleep, sweating, dry mouth, muscle twitching, convulsions, fever, chest pain, irregular heart beat, and death
due to overdose.   The effects of amphetamines on the mind are decreased fatigue, increased confidence, increased feeling of alertness, restlessness, talkativeness, increased irritability, fearfulness, apprehension, distrust of people, repetitive behaviors, hallucinations, and psychosis.

      • After viewing 20/20’s segment on alcohol, how did each of the three men differ when considering body size, past alcohol drinking patterns, food intake on the day of the competition and during the drinking bout, performance on the roadside sobriety test, and eventual blood alcohol content? What was each man’s perception or judgment of how drunk he was at the end of the drinking competition?

The three men differed in size, Warren is 150 pounds, Andrew 170 pounds, and Royal is 215 pounds.   Warren and Royal is a regular drinker, while Andrew barely drinks.   Warren had a normal breakfast and lunch before the competition, Andrew had steak and potatoes 2 hours before, and Royal had no food before the competition.   During the competition they all had 2 rounds of fried foods.   When the roadside sobriety test was given they all showed signs of drinking.   Their blood alcohol content was Warren and Royal at .11 and Andrew at .07.   They were all surprised at how drunk they were.

      • According to Figure 8.5 in Ch. 8 of the text, what are some benefits people may experience when they stop smoking?

Some of the benefits from quitting smoking are 20 minutes later your blood pressure returns to normal, pulse rate returns to normal, and body temperature of hands and feet returns to...