Health and Social Care

Exercise 10& 11
There are various   way to find out about a persons Communications needs but the best way is to get information directly from client. Good communication is at the core of nursing practice and it is important to recognize its importance and the difference between effective and ineffective communication. Poor communication limits the accurate exchange of information between work colleague or the provider and client or may inhibit good treatment.
Communication should be natural not mechanistic. All interpersonal skills should be used when communicating these include: listening, responding, understanding, empathy. Effective communication encourage better interaction   and can lead to better care. It is important that you: ask questions, use active listening skills, check information. All individuals speak differently and this can cause problems with communications, for example:
-an individual may speak the same language as you, but have a regional accent you find difficult to understand; as individual may speak the same language as you but find it difficult to understand your accent; an individual may be from another country and English might be a language they find difficult to speak and to understand
These problems can apply to both client and staff. However, this barrier can be overcome by simply working as a team; by using short and simple sentences or asking simple question rather than complex ones.
One morning, when working with a membet of staff from different background, I asked a question and he did not understand what It was I was asking. Therefore asked him how he would like me to repeat it, this member of staff replied that it was easier to show him what I wanted. As he had said this I showed him the clients sliding sheet to indicate this what I wanted. The member of staff replied that he did not know that it was called a sliding sheet therefore he did not understand what I had meant. This particular method of showing something was...