Health and Social Care

1. Asked to select a reading book for a three year old. Describe the features you would want within the book in order to foster a Childs intellectual ability, such as colour recognition and shape recognition?

The book I would choose for a three year old. I would want it to be a picture book, with lavish illustration, cheerful colours, large print and a board book. This means light cardboard. It would have a good binding to enable it to stand up to a 3 year old rough handling.

The cover would be glossy, bold and bright so the child is attracted and enticed to read the book. The pages would include different textures and shapes and would be boldly coloured using primary colours, red, green, yellow and blue.

The book would come with bricks. The bricks would be simple shapes for example circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. This would enable the child to build simple animals, houses and trees etc.

Accompanying the book would be a soft dog attached as he would be the main character in the book. A small sound chip would be included to make animal noises at certain touch points throughout the book.

The story would include counting different animals on each page and helping the lost dog get home. (The story would depend on the Childs interest).

2. How would you design a book? Describe the layout in terms of language, images and colours.

The book would be small enough enabling the child to be able to hold and turn the pages and not to heavy.

There would be limited, large simple text short sentences and keywords on each page. These help to maintain interest. By using sentences and illustration with a low level of complexity that explain the motivation between actions shown on each page.

The illustrations would be simple for a three year old to recognise and would be boldly coloured using primary colours green, red, yellow and blue. By using different textures for some of the different illustrations this would allow the child to touch and feel...