Health and Social Care


Alex as part of our staffing team has under gone continuous supervision to improve his work ethic and feedbacks from colleagues and managers alike has helped him improve tremendously on the job. He always worked in collaboration with other staffs to ensure that his job is carried out professionally, this collaborations includes feedbacks from individuals, key people, managers and the young persons with whom he works and this has helped him develop well in his practise professionally.
During supervision areas where we felt he needed training we highlighted and sent him on trainings to acquire those skills necessary for carrying out his duties professionally and this trainings has benefited him in no small measures. He has always records his personal development and trainings he has attended accordingly.

Alex has always treated the young persons with   all respect, treating them as individuals and special, he listened to them and give them a say in whatever decision he has to take in respect of their care taking into recognition their age.

I have seen Alex provide support for the young person to complain if they have any complain and make them feel comfortable and confident talking to him on issue of importance to them. He has always made the young person do more for themselves in order to enhance their self-esteem and dignity.
He has always made the young persons became aware of danger and made them put their safety first and always watch out for sign of abuse and will report any abuse the moment it is noticed to the appropriate authority.

He has always treated the young person fairly giving their views preferences where there is a conflict depending on the age of the young person.

He   records accurately, legibly and stored records properly in a safe place.
He is good at engaging the young persons in effective communication and also engaged their parents, family and work colleagues in assessing, planning and implementation of...