Health and Social Care

K 272   TMA 03   ‘Using module materials and relevant personal or practice experience, discuss one change you would like to see in mental health services or practice and describe what would need to happen for it to be achieved.’

This essay analyses the changes in the health and social care service, based on a practice experience.The paper describe how the changes and recovery affect the individual's life, using Andersen's stage model, (Andersen2003) which helps to reveal the progress of   service user’s life through five different stages. Explain how a health and care professionals can change a quality improvement in the treatment and support. What changes are necessary for a more effective care and increase people `s satisfaction in the mental health care field. The purpose of this essay is to show an awareness of individuals ` power and to find the balance between care professionals and the service user. The essay is looking to find out barriers which slow down the changing or recovery process and overcome barriers to achieve positive changes.

‘Liz ‘aged 70s, widow and has been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder.
She moved to the residential home, after her husband`s death. The management of residential home had very little expert knowledge about this mental disorder, so Liz was taken to the small, secure locked dementia unit. Management ordered the staff, she needs a guard if she wants to leave this unit. Also was ordered all electrical equipment has to be locked and she was able to use only with staff control. The bath which she loved was not allowed using by herself. Liz was a charming, attractive, smiling, well groomed, open minded and independent lady. The management informed the staff, this lady`s condition unpredictable, due to her disease, she had period when she was hyperactive, after this period she fell into a deep depression. She had a very limited dozes of medicine and was not given any therapy. After she moved to the residential home, her...