Health and Social Care

Question 1.
Text A uses collective nouns such as ‘victims’, ‘members’ and ‘friends’. The use if these collective nouns could imply that people who commit crimes are not only putting themselves in danger but they are also causing hurt and upset to families and friends in the surrounding environment. This could represent that those who commit crimes do not think of others and the damage it may cause to one another, but they just think of themselves and the benefits they will get from committing the crimes and they do not think of the disadvantages and stress it will cause those in the surrounding areas and what effect it will have on the community as a whole and also their own health and wellbeing. It could represent this because collective nouns imply that it not just one thing but a group of things that could be damaged or groups of people that could be committing the crimes in communities, which could lead to this being a representation of collective nouns. However, this could also imply that the public services as a whole are trying to reduce the level of crime, by making criminals feel a lot of guilt for what they have done to the community and innocent people in the area. The use of collective nouns could also infer that the crimes that are being committed are not just damaging small groups of individuals but also damaging large groups of individuals within the community that are innocent victims, who may not have done anything to cause agro or upset to any individuals that are causing the crimes in different communities.
Text A also uses a graffiti writing font for the title, which could imply that the text producer has purposely used graffiti to imply that the website is for the younger generation (Most likely aged 18-25 who are studying at university about the police force). The text producer may have used purposely used graffiti writing to show that it relates to public services, because graffitying is classed as a crime, which could imply that the text...