Health and Social Care

M2-Outline how factors can influence the development of an individual's self concept
D1-Describe how factors can influence the development of an individual's self-concept
Our self-concept can change when start aging up. Age is when we start to think about what people think about us from a young age and the development that was from the sense of their self. When you are a parent or a carer you will see from your point of view that your parents will have a really big impact towards your life, every single day, as it goes past, the way you develop through your life they will have an impact toward it. As most of the parents would go to the parenting classes and they will try to help the parents who may be struggling that their children feel the valued and develop into their self-confident with people. At different age that they are present has different challenges to our self-concept and they will feel self-worth. When they are a teenager, they will have their own peer group and they will think about them more than what their parents are thinking about you. Once you become an adult you will find yourself to look for a job or have the ability to work in a place so you can provide for your family. When you start to grow up there will be visible sign of the ageing and it can be difficult and they will start to become more relevant.
How we look is really important to some people. The most important thing is our face this is because it is important that our features is recognised to each other’s and the babies will respond to the picture of a human faces after only a few day. As you can see they make an assumption about the people from their faces, the way they dress and their general body shape. When someone has a birthmark on their face or when they have an accident which can affect the face, they can have a huge impact on their self-concept, which is depending on how the people can respond.  
As you can see there are different expectations of...