Health and Social Care

Community Volunteering Qualification
CVR3 Carrying out own Volunteering Role


My volunteering job takes place in a primary school. I negotiate with the teacher about the age group I was planning on working with, which was 3-7 years old. The days that were scheduled for me to work were Monday – Friday, 8:30am - 3:30pm.


I applied for my work experience by asking the Headteacher   personally as it was my former primary school. She then asked for the days that I was available to work and referred me to the Deputy Headteacher   who was in charge of sorting out the work experience. Mrs G then set an appointment were she interviewed me and asked about the age range of children I wanted to work with and the classroom environment I would be working in. We spoke about the jobs I will be doing and then the induction proceeded.

My roles and responsibilities for my work experience included:
• Supervision of the children to ensure their safety at all times.
• Reading to the children during story time and one-to-one communication to encourage the children.
• Preparing resources for classroom use and preparing lessons, making them as interesting as possible.
• Working with teachers, using the curriculum when planning and making preparation for activities to meet each child’s needs.
• Treat each child with respect and teach the children how to respect each other.


There are major roles and responsibilities for the colleagues at the primary school. The Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher work with the governors and are in charge of organising the tasks for the other teachers. They are also responsible of the frequent training of the teachers and sometime work experience. The role of the teacher is organise activities and task that will take place in the classroom. They also promote a positive care environment in the classroom for the children. They are also responsible to provide education to the children from nursery. They also have to...