Health and Social Care

Denise Keeling

Employer/employee relationship and role of the health and social care sector worker
Task 1a  

Contract of employment – I am volunteering my time so I do not have a formal contract of employment
Job description – I hold a copy of my job description
Complaints procedure
Sickness procedure
Health and safety policy
Data protection  
Equality and diversity  
Whistle blowing
The above policies and procedures are kept in a black folder that can be located in the office

1. My contract is a voluntary arrangement. My attendance hours will vary with my place of work. I can take a break if needed however my activities are mainly social so I tend to stay on the shop floor and eat and drink with the client group. If I am unable to attend I give as much notice as possible 48 hours would be considered good practice.
2. As I work voluntarily I do not have a formal process to go through, however I would give request for time off with at least a months’ notice as agreed with my line manager.
3. If I needed time off sick I would notify my employer as soon as possible. I would first try to contact them by telephone. If they were unavailable I would leave a message and follow that up with an e mail. I would remain in contact with my employer and update them on my progress. I would expect my employer to support me where possible should I need any special consideration due to sickness. If necessary my employer could ask me to see a specialist. I would expect to be notified in advance, I would comply with any request
4. As I volunteer my time I do not have a sick pay entitlement.
5. My organisation can expect me to uphold the values and beliefs that they promote. I will be loyal and reliable and carry out my role with care, respect and integrity and act in a professional manner at all times.  
Example - The way I conduct myself with service users, I am polite respectful and helpful at all times and provide help if they should need it while...