Health and Social Care Svq3

Candidate Name: | Euan Carroll | Date: | 22/06/2015 |

This piece of work is:HSC0328 | Performance criteria | Knowledge &Understanding |
In my role as support worker I am responsible for gathering information relating to s needs and preferences in accordance to sssc 1.2I am also required to attend monthly review meetings with social work service user parents and in some cases the service user themselves to determine what is needed, what is going well and what is not going so well with their support ad what they would like to happen with their support sssc 1.3 , ncs6.3It is part of my role to ensure that service users understand what is required of them I do this by fully explaining what is to be done and how I expect the service user to achieve this,   this could be by using social stories which uses small sentences and pictures to explain things in a way that the service user understands sssc 1.2The 6 principles of care are at the heart of how our organisation assesses, monitors and reviews the delivery of service we provide to individuals using a holistic approach to meeting the needs of individuals, creating positive approaches to their care needs and using their preferred communication method to interact. This holistic approach utilises not only internal but also external resources. Along with the 6 principles of care also the national care standards that must be adhered to, this document defines the standards and along with the expectation the SSSC has of both worker and employers in carrying out their duties. When monitoring an individual’s service it is imperative that I treat the person as an individual and develop support plans and procedures which are based on the individuals need for example communicating in a way the individual understands. My practice is also shaped by other key legislation, in keeping the individuals working file in a locked cabinet and limiting access I am adhering to the Data Protection Act 1998, the health and safety at work...