Health and Social Care Nvq 201 Err

Peter Gill-Stannett

ERR 201: Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health, social care or children and young people’s settings.

1. Know the statutory responsibilities and rights and employees and employers within own area of work.

Health and Safety
Holiday entitlements
Hours worked
Union Rights
Minimum Wage
Disciplinary action

Health and Safety legislation
Employment Rights
Equalities and discrimination Law

Legislation relating to employment exists so that employers and employees are both covered by law when certain things happen. I.e. an employee is off long term sick, pregnancy or has injured themselves at work. There are specific laws and procedures to abide by so that everyone has equal rights in the work sector.

Employee Handbook
This can outline and detail more specific procedures of your own workplace, for example, no smoking on the premises.

Citizen’s advice bureau
This can be used to help you if you have a query that isn’t immediately available from your workplace
This can list and detail the main laws and legislations that employers and employees are governed by in the UK.

You can go to these for help and advice relating to employment responsibilities and rights.

Job Description
This should give a clear understanding of your responsibilities and rights whilst at work.

2. Understand agreed ways of working that protect own relationship with employer.

My contract details my contracted hours to work, my main duties and responsibilities whilst at work, where my job premises is, holiday pay and entitlement, break entitlement, how long my probation period   is, what is expected of me in this time and what happens once this period ends.

My pay statement details my employer reference number, my name, the process date, my national insurance number, payments and a tallied sum, deductions and their tallied sum, the...