Health and Social Care Level 3 Unit 21 - P3

P3: Explain possible influences on dietary intake.


In this assignment I will be explaining possible influences on dietary intake. I will be looking at factors such as; health factors, education, age, social policy, economic factors, socio-cultural factors and lifestyle factors and how each of these can positively or negatively influence an individual's dietary intake.

Health factors:

Diabetes: Health factors like diabetes can influence a person’s dietary intake because people with diabetes are only allowed certain food for example they cannot have too much sugar in their blood as it will cause very serious health problems if not treated quick. Hyperglycemia is one of the health problems that can damage vessels that provide blood to vital organs, by increasing the risk of stroke, problem with nerve, heart disease and so much more. However the health problems for people with diabetes only occur in adulthood, particularly if they have not managed or even controlled their diabetes properly.

Irritable bowel syndrome: the health factors concerning irritable bowel syndrome is that people who have it tend to need the toilet considerately more than people who don’t have the symptom. The always need to avoid eating fruit and many processed foods that contain fructose. For people with irritable bowel syndrome always need to be aware and on their guard about what they eat as their bowel movement could occur anytime. People with irritable bowel syndrome lifestyle changes massively because they have to make a lot of changes mainly to their diet because irritable bowel syndrome does not go away but it can be controlled with the right diet plan and healthy lifestyle.

Lactose Intolerance: being lactose intolerance can have many effects on a person’s lifestyle, for example they are not allowed to have food and drink that contain lactose which are mainly dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurts e.g. however because some cheese and yogurts contain...