Health and Social Care Level 3 Unit 44 M1-D1

Within This assignment I will be talking about my contributions for the activity and how and how it influenced the success of the activity. Also I will be suggesting how I could contributed differently so the success of the activity was better.
The placement that I was set to was a disability school there were children from aged 5-18 with a range of different disabilities. Within s few weeks of placement I then moved on to plan something for the children and what I planned was arts and crafts which involved painting, animal Toys in the paint etc. I planned this because of seeing staff do similar activities which the kids thoroughly enjoyed over the weeks I was in placement. For me to be able to do this activity with the kids it was necessary for me to talk to the manager, the manger then helped get the essentials for the activity. Then I needed to set out for my activity and for this I laid my table with a cover sheet so that the table would stay clean. During this I saw the children were excited excited to take part in the activity. Before I let the children start the activity I then laid out some colourful Paper and an variety of paint colours ,brushes, pots of water for them to clean their brush and I also put the trays of animal Toys. Once this was all done then I put the children in their assigned place and after this I was ready to start the activity with the children.
During the activity I came up with ideas of the children can do, one of the example was that I gave an option to the child of what colour they want and painted their hand with that colour to put an hand print on the paper. The children also had a good play with the animals in the trays and mixed them up with paint as well.
During this activity I worked with a team with the help of other staff members despite the fact that I played the major role the supervisor was constantly helping me to make sure that the children understood the activity this made my activity run a lot better as...