Health and Social Care Level 2 Diploma Unit 2470 Handle Information in Health and Social Care Settings

Health and Social Care Level 2 Diploma
Unit 2470
Handle information in Health and Social Care settings

1.1 Identify the legislation that relates to the recording, storage, and sharing of information in social care.

Data Protection Act 1998
Freedom of information Act 2000

1.2 Explain why it is important to have secure systems for recording and storing of information in a social care setting.

Personal information should be factual, accurate and relevant. It must be kept securely at all times and available only, by key, if locked in a cabinet, or, in the case of computer records, with appropriate access privileges and password protection. The information can be kept only for as long as it is needed and must be safely disposed of when no longer needed. Personal information is confidential and can only be shared with consent with agencies/individuals who need it professionally or in specific circumstances where it is required.

2.1 Describe how to access support for handling information

Seek advice about handling information (e.g. how it should be recorded) from a senior on duty or the manager. If uncertain about what information can be given to another person, consult senior on duty or manager. More general information such as compliance with the law can be obtained from the Information Commissioner's office website.

2.2 Outline the actions you would take if you were concerned over the recording, storing and sharing of some information in your workplace

Discuss with senior on duty or the manager – it may be a concern to be dealt with via supervision or training. In the case of serious concerns put details in writing to the manager if appropriate in order that it may be formally investigated and dealt with. In circumstances concerning the manager, address concerns to CQC.