Health and Social Care Ic01

What is Infection and Control ?
A process where bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites, worms, insects or any other organism enters and attaches itself to cells in the body and multiply.
Infection Control in a care setting is the protection of patients and care staff by preventing infection in a cost efficient way.

Roles and Responsibilities of Employees
                  1. In a communal communities
                  2.   When disposing of body fluid
                  3. Working with individual vulnerable to infections

          1.     Safeguard self by:
                -     Wash of hands
                -     Use of Aprons, gloves and safety devices
                -     Use of Aprons, gloves and safety devices
                -     Putting hair in bands
                -     Disposal of clinical waste
                -     Awareness of company‚Äôs policies and procedures
                -     Report any fault in equipment
                -     Always access your environment for risks of infection

          2. Safeguarding others by considering their actions
                  -       Reporting any hazard to manager
                  -       Aware of safe work procedure
                  -       Follow risk assessment procedure

Roles and Responsibilities of Employers

Provide policies and procedure that promote the control of infection
Provide training
Appropriate immunization of staff
Work with other agencies to promote good practice
System in place to assess risk of infection and how to control it
Resources are available to support infection control e.g locker rooms
Any communicable disease need to be communicated to relevant parties

Procedures and System to prevent and control infection

Following company policies such as:
Correct hand washing procedure
Wearing protective equipment as appropriate
Any suspected or actual illness should be reported to the senior person in charge
Report by the...