Health and Social as Level Task

Task 4  

In this task I am going to explain in depth two ways in which an individuals’ quality of life is affected by ill-health. There are four factors that affect ill-health; these are physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. The two that I have chosen to explain in depth are emotional and social.

I am firstly going to explain the emotional factors that can affect ill-health. A person can be affected mentally which can be as bad as being physically ill. This can be seen worse because of the state of mind that someone ill will be , this can be affected in a number of ways, for example, when someone is off work or off school because they have a head ace or are feeling sick the usual things that they would do is either stay in bed, come down stair and lay on the sofa with their quilt watching tele, and it is known that when staying off for a few days the mental state of you feels bored from watching tele and not doing that much, they would end up having feelings of helplessness. But this can be seen more life changing when have a terminal illness for example. This is because when someone has had a serious accident and are having to stay in bed for a umber of months helplessness can e a major part of emotional affects that they will have, this is because the normal every day activities that they would have done when having there full mobility would have changes dramatically, like not being able to go to the toilet, cooking them selves a meal and doing there own house cleaning and shopping. The feeling that they will get is helplessness as they feel they have to relay on others, and have never had to relay on people this much before.

When feeling helpless, there can then be an affect of frustration and depression. The person will fell like this because when their not being able to do anything for their selves they will feel frustrated and angry at them selves. another way someone could feel frustrated at the fact that people always are doing...