Health and Safety

Winchester Hockey Club Guidelines for dealing with an incident / accident & Report Form

Emergency Procedures / Accident Action
For all users of the Astro turf pitch at Kings School, and at the Bar End university pitch.
Procedures. All pitch bookings for both training and matches (Junior & Senior), are and must be made through:• John Kalb - Fixture Secretary – all Saturday / Sunday league and cup fixtures, and all coaching and midweek playing sessions. This ensures all Winchester hockey club activities are pre-booked, and that the facility’s sports centre management are aware of activities running, and that access to the sports facility staff is available should this be required. NB Team or Group First Aid Kits should be with designated Captain’s, Lead Coaches or Team Managers. In the event of an accident, the following actions should be followed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Blow whistle hard to bring all playing activities to a stop. Stay calm, but act swiftly and observe the situation. Is there a danger of further injuries? Listen to what the injured person is saying. Alert the available First Aider who should take appropriate action for minor injuries Where appropriate, move injured person to the side of the pitch. If in doubt, leave the injured person where they are, until professional assistance (ie the paramedics arrive). If required, an ambulance should be called. Dial 999, and ask for ambulance. NB: [If dialling from a mobile, dial 112] The address is :-

The nearest vehicle access is through the staff car park, at the end of Kings Road If mobile phone not available, the nearest phone is in the Sports Managers office – sports centre (next to the swimming pool), and nearest public phone is:- Top of Battery Hill Rd, opposite One Stop Store

A) Kings School, Kings Road, Winchester, Hants, SO22 5PN – ASTRO PITCH.

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Emergency access off Milland Road entrance, Bar End. Nearest Phone is in the Uni sports centre office on site. Deal with the rest of...