Health and Safety

#1: When Will I Feel My Baby Kick?
First time mothers-to-be usually recognise their baby’s movements as late as the 24th week of pregnancy. Your baby has been moving long before that, but the sensation is unfamiliar, and you might not recognise it for what it is. A baby’s movements aren’t very strong in the earlier stages of pregnancy – some mothers think they just have wind! If the placenta is at the front(anterior) of your uterus, it may buffer the feeling of your baby’s kicks for some time. Women having their second or subsequent baby usually recognise the ‘flutters’ of their baby’s movement much earlier – even as early as 12 weeks.
#2: Why Do Babies Kick?
Babies tend to move mostly in response to what’s happening in their environment. Too much noise, light or even certain strong foods can stimulate your baby into kicking and moving. Babies also need to stretch and move for relaxation. If you’re moving about, it can be soothing for your baby, they will often relax and even go to sleep. Mothers-to-be who participate in relaxation exercises, such as mediation or yoga, may find their babies are quieter. This study found that pregnant women undertaking a guided imagery relaxation exercise experienced a reduction in fetal movements. The exercise resulted in physiological signs of relaxation in the mother, such as lowered heart rate, respiration rate, and skin conductance. This in turn lowered fetal heart rates and decreased movements of babies - See more at: