Health and Safety


Healthy and Safe Home

As a Registered Childminder, I have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all children placed in my care. There are many different factors to consider when maintaining a safe and healthy home, and I have identified the following as the key components:

Environment- Home and Garden
Equipment and Resources
Fire Safety
Storage and Handling of chemicals, medicines and first aid items COSHH General Hygiene
Personal Hygiene
Animal Safety and Hygiene
Behaviour Management
Child Ratios
Data Protection
Suitability of staff and Training
Outings- including Road Safety
Food and Drink Provision
Food Safety
Teaching Children How to Stay Safe and Be Healthy

The general environment of the home setting is clean, tidy, well organised and free of obstacles. Fire doors are kept clear, and stair gates used on kitchen. Normal room temperature is kept with adjustable radiators and radiator covers are used in play areas. Rooms are well ventilated and window locks used when airing the house. There is a no smoking policy in the house and garden. Daily cleaning routines are maintained. Rugs are secure to the floor and intact. All glass is kite marked and sharp corner protectors are used. Plug sockets are not overloaded and wires are kept tidy, clean and secured safely away from children. Empty sockets are covered. The floor is kept free from debris or sharp toys to step on. Spillages are cleaned and dried immediately and safety precautions taken at all times. The Boiler is off limits to children and annually serviced. Water temperature is kept low to prevent scalds and young children are supervised when in the bathroom. Toiletries and sharp items such as nail scissors and razors are stored away from children. Toilets are cleaned everyday. Bins are not used past capacity and regularly emptied. The kitchen is off limit to young children and older children are taught to be sensible in it and observe...