Health and Safety

Throughout this assignment I will demonstrate my knowledge of developing Health & Safety & Risk management policies, procedures and practices in Health & Social Care.
The legislation frame work first looks at the setting as a whole before breaking it down into sections. The paramount of the legislation is the safety of everyone within that setting from staff to service users.
Service users have a right to a safe environment with equipment to suit their individual needs and for staff to be trained in the relevant training to cater for the service user’s individual needs and needs of the staff member. Staff need to feel safe within their work environment to secure a happy workforce and as previously mentioned trained in the relevant filed and equipment being used.

Everyone within the setting has a right to privacy and confidentiality whilst using the service on offer. Whether this is staff or service user’s individual’s needs should be considered whilst delivering a service. This should be followed using the Data protection Act.
Both Managers/Employers should carry out risk assessments to ensure all aspects of safety is covered, from risk assessing the setting, service users, staff and venues attended for activities that service users undertake. This helps to identify any risks/potential hazards that could affect the employee, service user or setting in anyway.
Workplace (Health, safety and welfare) Regulations 1992 and Manual handling Operations Regulations (MHOR) 1992 both state that we need to minimise the risks to health and safety associated with working conditions, Moving and Handling activities. This should be responsibility of the Manager to make sure the relevant risk assessments are in place and the right training has been given to support these activities whilst taking place.
Using the PPE (Personal protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992) helps identify the possible risks attached through cross contamination. Policies and...