Health and Safety Assignment 1

P1 – Outline the roles and responsibilities of people assigned specific health and safety duties at work.
In this section I am going to highlight the main roles and responsibilities regarding health and safety for a number of different roles within the construction industry from a Client to a Sub Contractor.

A Clients job is to run the process of the construction of a project. They provide all of the finances for the projects either from their own finances or borrow from a bank or investors.
A Client, whether being a private individual, company or a landlord must demonstrate an acceptable standard of health and safety. The specific Health and Safety responsibilities of a Client under the construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 are:
  * Make sure they appoint the CDM co-ordinator.
  * Appoint the principal contractor.
  * They must assure that the construction phase of the health and safety plan has been produced before commencement.
  * Make sure that they keep the health and safety records on file once completed.

An Architects job is to go through the planning process right the way through to the construction of a job which will include producing a number of drawings to provide the Client with the best way of utilising a site following the requirements of the Client regarding the design, location, environmental factors and structural needs.
An architect has a fundamental role within Health and Safety; they must take into account risks which may occur within the design of a project as well as assessing any risks which may occur when the project goes to the construction phase. The health and safety responsibilities of an Architect are:
  * Make sure that the structure of the proposed design is safe to construct.
  * Consider any hazards or risks within the existing site in the early stages of a project such as existing services, existing buildings and local sites and community.
  * Make sure that...