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My Life and Fitness
Gayle Peterson

[ October 4, 2010

My Life and Fitness

Fitness and nutrition are two important factors that some people tend not to incorporate in their lifestyle. Maintaining good exercise and eating habits can extend the longevity of your life. Obesity and other health risk can be avoided by practicing healthy habits. As I am growing older I have had to change my eating habits to accommodate the needs for an older woman. I am currently trying new eating and exercising habits with a plan to help me reach my goal. I believe I can make my goals a reality because I have three new fitness and nutritional habit to be introduced into my daily life. Each habit will benefit my health in a different way. Every small step has a reward to help me stay on track with my new found program for a better life.
I am currently a member at 24 hour fitness. This gym is close to my house and is in my budget it also comes with a trainer that has help me develop a great workout plan for me. I love to eat all types of food so now as I am older I am watching my intake of unhealthy foods as well as taking vitamins. There are so many risks associated with obesity such as high blood pressure, chances of developing certain cancers, gout is collection of uric acid crystal on the joints, type 2 diabetes which controls your blood sugar and breathing problems just to name a few.
I am adding new habits of fitness to improve my overall health. One is eating healthier by cutting down on fast food and junk food. Not only am I saving money I am extending my life here on earth. Exercise requires a lot of water intake so I have cut out sodas and high sugar drinks.   Consistency with my work out is a major step toward completing the goals I have set for myself. Having consistency will help to develop a routine for incorporating the gym into my daily life. Lastly using the right equipment will help prevent injuries and target the right areas that I want to see...