Health and Human Services

Strategic Planning and Quality Health Care

August 10, 2009

Strategic planning is a way to move toward desired management goals. It is the process of developing and implementing plans to reach goals and objectives. Strategic planning, more than anything else, is what gives direction to an organization. A strategic plan helps in dealing with the suppliers, advertisers, investors and business consultants. There are systems and strategies out there improving the way health care is.
Strategic planning is the process of identifying a desired future state for an organization and a means to achieve.” Health care mainly used the planning for new buildings and expanding funding services with population growth." Health care managers of all levels should understand the process, purpose, benefits and challenges, of strategic planning for their success. (Buchbinder & Shanks   pg59-60) In order for an organization to succeed it must plan for the future and market appropriately. Strategic planning in health care has been implemented as recently as the 1970's. It consisted mainly of planning for new buildings and funding expanded services in response to population growth (Buchbinder & Shanks   pg. 59-60).  Strategic planning for healthcare organizations now is much more complicated then buildings and expanding services. With the many market forces in today’s society, the strategic planning process must incorporate all of the market forces in order to succeed. The purpose of strategic planning is to identify market forces and how they may affect the organization, and determine an appropriate strategic direction to take that will counter act those forces, and/or tap their potential (Buchbinder & Shanks 2009 pg. 60). The way to identify market forces is by following the steps of strategic planning.
Strategic planning is a dynamic rather than linear process and as such should optimally be no distinct beginning or end.( Buchbinder & Shanks   pg69) A good process of strategic...