Healt and Social Care

Judit Domonkos

Describe the Factors to Consider When Promoting Effective Communication:

The factors to consider when promoting effective communication are as follows:
Verbal communication.
The tone and the volume of voice need to be correct to suit individual situations. Also the speed at which we talk is a factor. For example for residents that have problems with hearing I have to make sure I speak clearly and slowly to make sure they are able to hear correctly.
Non-verbal communication.
Face expiration, body language. Hand gestures and direct eye contact are important to make the service user aware that you are interested in them.
Explain how people from different backgrounds may use and/or interpret communication methods in a different way
Backgrounds are a person’s education, experience, and social/ economics circumstances. Experiences and understanding of the world, the words we use and how we use them is influenced by your culture. In this sense, communication is very dependent on backgrounds, such as all about our origins: geographic, religion, social, economic, education, etc.   This is the reason because of we have to consider all point of view to get effective communication. 
Family will have the biggest influence on how we communicate with everybody because they have transmitted experiences, knowledge, moral values, habits and traditions. Words and sentences may have a different meaning. Eye contact or gestures can be interpreted differently in each family background. If we don’t share our mother tongue with people who we want to communicate, it can be a language barrier as well. But it will not be a serious problem if we are able to understand non-verbal communication. It will be possible to interpret the communication they’re using by looking at their hand gestures, facial expressions and body language, to see if they are happy or sad, for example. There are also some extra services provide by Local Councils that can help us if we need...