Hcs/539 Positioning and Differentiation

Running Head:   Positioning and Differentiation
HCS/539 Positioning and Differentiation
BlueCross BlueShield and United Health Care
Binta Ngalla
University of Phoenix
Instructor: Andrea Linder
September 19, 2011

Running Head: Positioning and Differentiation
Positioning and Differentiation is a marketing term use to expose health care organizations to the right target.   Today we will be positioning and differentiating two health care Organizations, the BlueCross BlueShield, and United Health Care.   BlueCross Blue Shield is a health care organization that has been around for many decades.   They are known as one of the best health insurance providers in the nation.   The organization has demonstration their commitment to the society and the society has accepted them.  
BlueCross BlueShield health organization provides benefit nationwide throughout the country and abroad.   They make it easier for their consumer to access health care treatment where ever he or she is and when needed.   That gives policy holder some peace of mind knowing that help is around the corner in case of emergency.
United Health Care on the other hand, is a fairly new organization, like any other health care organization that just pops ups so does United Health Care.   Through my former job, we were provided health care benefits through their organization.   So I had the opportunity of dealing with both health care organizations.   The company I worked for used BlueCross BlueShield, and later switched to United Health Care.
What I realized with BlueCross BlueShield is that, their pricing went down, not as expensive as years ago when they started.   When there were only few health care insurance at the...