Hcs 437 Week 5 Learning Team Long-Term Care Facility Study Paper and Presentation

HCS 437 Week 5 Learning Team Long-Term Care Facility Study Paper And Presentation
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Resource: Long-Term Care Facility Study Grading Criteria located on your student website
Choose one facility, as a team, that you will use for your Long-Term Care Facility Study project.
Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft ® PowerPoint® Presentation detailing the study of your chosen long-term care facility. In your presentation, include the following:
·         What are two state and two federal regulations that your facility must adhere to?
·         What licensure or accreditation does the facility currently hold? What are some of the requirements for the facility to be granted this licensure and accreditation?
·         What types of reimbursement are available to this type of facility? How does this differ from other long-term care facilities?
·         How does public policy affect the facility’s financing and ability to deliver services to patients?
·         What is the role of the administrator and case manager in this facility? How do their roles in this facility differ from the roles of administrators and case managers in other facilities?
·         What types and number of staff does this facility need? Explain the rationale for this. How might these needs differ in facilities that attend to different long-term care populations?
·         How do current health care trends affect long-term care needs? How will they affect your chosen facility?
Include detailed speaker notes in your presentation.
Provide at least 3 peer-reviewed scholarly references.
Submit the presentation and the individual Long-Term Care Facility Study Forms as directed by your instructor.
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