Hcr 230 Claims Process

Claim Process                                                                                                                                         p. I

                                              Workers' Compensation Claim Process

      Renee Allen

      University of Phoenix-Axia

    April 10, 2011

                Sharlene Batts

Claims Process                                                                                                                                       p. II

                                            Workers' Compensation Claim Process

The employer having knowledge of the employees work related illness or injury in a timely manner, is the first step. If this is not done within the allotted time frame then the rest of the steps will be void. The time frames are important in most of the steps taken when filling a claim. The employee will then fill out a section of the Report of Injury or Occupational Injury Form, that is required to be filled out. The supervisor then fills out their required section of the Report Injury or Occupational Injury Form. The supervisor then electronically or mailed to the carrier, the completed form to Workers' Compensation, and this must be done within two days of the injury. If by some chance the injury to the employee prevents them from reporting the accident, then the supervisor must fill out what is known, within five days, to avoid a penalty for filling too late. As soon as the employee is able to fill out the form they must do so. A coordinator for Workers' Compensation prepares an 8WC form and they submit the form to the insurance carrier and to the NH Department of Labor. From this point in time, the insurance carrier then has twenty one days to determine whether or not they are denying the claim or accepting it. During this time the coordinator will be keeping in contact with the supervisor about the status of the employee, and will be in communication with...