Hca/270 Capstone Checkpoint

The topic that I chose for my final project is, ‘The purpose of existence’. I chose this topic because I was intrigued in learning more about purpose and existence for myself.
When I first started this class I thought of life as, “We live a hard life to die”; however, since this class, I view life a little differently now. My first thought on the purpose of existence was the question of my own purpose in existence. It never occurred to me before that I even had a purpose in life. As this class went on and I learned more on the topic, I learned more about my own purpose in life. I now believe that purpose is within everyone but it is up to the individual to find that purpose.   I believe this class has helped me see my purpose; however, I feel as though I have known my purpose all along but did not come to realize it until I learned more about it.
I also believe I have learned the tools to reach my purpose in life. I find myself closer to God than ever before, so close, I can feel his force working within me. For example, when I am having difficulty completing an assignment, I pray. After doing so, I can automatically feel the different within myself. I somehow feel less stressed and it seems as though I am guided to the answers I’m searching for. I might sound irrational to some people, but I can honestly say that Prayer works! I feel eased of all my troubles, renewed, and ready for anything that comes my way.
In addition, I believe that without this class I would have had doubts about life and would have probably led a life full of despair trying to understand it. I always questioned my effort in life before this class and now I know that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing. I now know that as long as I am happy with what I am doing, I am fulfilling my purpose in life.
I will be applying what I have learned in this class, not only to fulfill my purpose within it, but with everything I do. Everything I say and do effects those around me and I have...