Hca 230

Conflicts Are Important Worksheet

In this assignment, you must write 300 to 450 words on conflict and conflict management. Record your answers in this worksheet.

Part 1: The Five Conflict Types

Describe each of the five conflict types using paragraph form.

  1. Pseudo conflicts:
Pseudo conflict is when a group of people are in a situation where they are all in agreement. However due to either misunderstanding it prevent them from seeing they all agree.

  2. Fact conflicts:
Fact Conflict is when people disagree over something like information that is very easy to be verified.

  3. Ego conflicts:
Ego conflict is when people disagree and argue over who has the power or status. This can be seen when a person says you don’t have the “right” to say that to me.

  4. Value conflicts:
Value conflicts often come about the when the discussion of beliefs come up. This is when you have person believe that you care very dear about. A person can say what your belief is worth and that cause the disagreement.  

  5. Need conflicts:
Need conflict is when two things or people are needed at the same time. This can be seen when your child needs your help and you need to finish a homework assignment.  

Part 2: The Five Conflict Management Styles

Describe each of the five conflict management styles and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each. Use paragraph form.

  1. Avoiders:
Avoiders are the type of people that run the other way and avoid conflict at all cost. This type of person often doesn’t have time or energy to get involved in conflict.

  2. Accommodators:
Accommodators often let other people change the outcome of the conflict. This kind of person will often do everything to avoid making problems.

  3. Forcers:
Forcers are a very pushy kind of person and want their needs met no matter the cost. This can be seen when a person is in a win or lose situation and they end up the winner not caring about the loser....