Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
by N.C.Nigam,A.K.Maheshwari & N.P.Rao.


For any industry to be successful, it has become essential to identify the Hazards ,to assess the associated
risks and to bring the risks to tolerable level. Recognising this, IFFCO-AONLA is continuously putting efforts
for controlling the risks which are arising from various Hazards such that loss to Human life and property is
negligible or zero. Its continuous best efforts to identify the Hazards and to bring the risk levels to tolerable
level in the organization are recognised by several Government and safety regulating bodies. This paper
describes briefly about various types of Hazards and their associated risks, how they are being controlled
effectively through risk analysis at IFFCO – Aonla unit
In all plants, hazards and risk are identified time to time by using modern techniques. IFFCO Aonla unit is
OHSAS –18001 certified company. So in all departments /section risk and hazards are find out by proper risk
assessments. During this severity at various levels matched with probability level. And find out the case of
intolerable, substantial, moderate and tolerable risk. Accordingly control measures at the place checked.
Documentation done and records are maintained. .

At IFFCO Aonla unit, HAZOP, HAZAN study, Dow index, Risk Analysis, FMIA, Fault Tree Analysis are carried
out at its inception level..At IFFCO Aonla unit, various risk assessment procedures are followed. This has been
done by Dow Index method and Consequences methods. At the same time when any process modification
done/needed, then also proper HAZOP studies and any other risk analysis studies are carried out to assess
the risk due to the effect of modification.
Now as IFFCO Aonla unit is OHSAS –18001 certified company, in all sections/plants proper hazard and risk
assessment procedures and documentation done. Time to time, plant/section updates of this done and audited
by other...