Dear Bre,
I know of the most ideal place for you and your family to take your next vacation—Oahu, Hawaii. It is perfect from the picturesque beaches and remarkable hotels to the scrumptious pineapple plantation and the amusing Polynesian culture center. Each day is filled with excitement leaving you dreading the day you get back on that plane to head home.
Imagine walking along the beach with warm white sand filling the cracks between each toe while listening to the melodious waves crashing to the side of you and the cool beach breeze blowing through your hair. What a scenic sight the beaches of Oahu are. This small island is surrounded by beaches, so you are sure to find the right one to entertain your family. You have your choice of the lively beaches such as Lani Beach where you are sure to find surfers and activities among the beach. On the other hand, if that day you prefer a more relaxing, calm beach then Hanamu Bay is the right one for you. This low-key beach is exquisite with fascinating reefs and stunning mountains surrounding it. So if you desire to jump on your boogie board to ride the vast waves or lay out in the refreshing yet cozy sun to get a nice tan, Oahu beaches will have exactly what you are looking for.
There are many fantastic hotels located on the lovely Island of Oahu, but from my experience I picked the perfect one for you and your family. Retreat to a brilliant tropical playground at the Trump International Hotel only steps away from the famous Waikiki Beach. This spectacular beach front hotel resort invites the spirit of “Aloha” with an atmosphere that is appealing to every one of all ages in your family. I know you love smoothies, especially the strawberry kind, so relax on the beachside with a cold strawberry smoothie in hand while letting the soothing ocean breeze caress you.   Other perks of this magnificent hotel is the delectable restaurants where you always leave with a satisfied tummy, I know you don’t like seafood but all...