Hate Crimes

Every year, thousands of innocent people are victims of such hate crimes.   Each one of them has an effect in our communities by creating fear and tensions that affect all of us. This paper has a special place in my heart to the fact that I have a child who is a lesbian and constantly I am concerned for her safety due to all of the Hate Crimes against homosexuals.   While writing this paper, it will open up the mind of the reader on just what gays and lesbians go through on a daily basis in regards to the acts of violence against them, which are considered hate crimes and the individuals that commit this horrible crime should be prosecuted.   Also you will learn of two individuals that were murdered due to their sexual preference by cowards who could not accept their lifestyle.

What is a hate crime and should a person be prosecuted for them is the question.   Hate Crime is defined as an attack on an individual or their property because the victim is intentionally selected because of their race, color, religious preference, gender or sexual orientation.   This type of violation can become a crime if it involved the use of force.   Hate crimes are intended to hurt and intimidate someone because of the above.
In today’s society, there is a new form of hate which is beginning to brew. This hatred has been present in some form or another for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Throughout the world, people are drawn toward a specific group with whom they can relate. Hispanics generally socialize more with other Hispanics, black people tend to stick to their own group of other black friends and males and females tend to form groups of buddies with other males or females. All of these things are done by people every day without any sort of arguments being brought up. However, when the issue of one’s sexuality is brought up, an overwhelming number of people take a stance based on beliefs which have risen due to their own hatred for another group of people....