Fossil fuels.

Why is the term fossil fuels used for coal oil and gas etc.?

Fossil is a word, which means remains of a living organism, which has been preserved over trillions of years. The word fuel means, a substance, which is what an object or mechanism, works and relies on. ‘Fossil fuels’ is basically both of these words and their meanings combined. ‘Fossils fuels’ is a term used for materials such as, gas, oil and coal. These substances are the remains of living organisms trillions of years ago. They are formed when a living organism dies and it body is left on land. Over million and millions of years salt and sand all slowly, bury the body and over the years, as the pressure increases, the natural oils and gases of the living organism are squeezed out. Millions of year’s later drills are used to dig holes, in to the pits in which the substances are found, and suck up all of the material. These materials have been used for years, as a source of fuel for our every day needs.

Why is energy released from the Sun when you burn a Fossil Fuel?

When the sun shines on Earth part of the energy is transformed into heat and radiated back into space. Unfortunately C02 traps the heat, reflecting it back to the earth and therefore warming it up. C02 is needed for our survival but too much of it increases the planets temperature.

What are the main benefits of open cast mining compared to underground mining?

    • It is more economically friendly
    • It recovers a greater proportion of deposit
    • It is easier to actually mine the coal
    • Faster method

What are the main disadvantages of open cast mining compared to underground mining?

    • You get less coal
    • Not all the coal is removed/mined
    • Fewer options within the method
    • Not as accurate and precise, e.g.: you might break up a lot of the coal rather then get actual pieces.