Has the Vision of Jean Monnet Been Realized. Critically Discuss This Statement

Has the vision of Jean Monnet been realized. Critically discuss this statement

Previous   1945, there had been many failed attempts to unify the countries of Europe, for example the Roman Empire, the Napoleonic Empire and Adolf Hitler’s WW2 effort   to conquer Europe, were all unsuccessful, failing to bring any lasting peace or unity to the continent.   By aiming to create a single Empire, one religion and one ruler for all, resulted every time in war, bloodshed and division.   But due the vision, strategic thinking and innovation one man Jean Monnet, the process of healing the deep wounds and distrust brought on by thousands of years of conflict and starting the process of economic and social change, not to mention lasting peace which was never thought possible.

During this essay we will investigate Jean Monnet’s life, to gather a picture of who he was and what where his beliefs.   By doing so gaining an understanding of his vision,   his   motivation, his design for change, and how he set about implementing this plan.   Lastly we will look at how Europe has changed since 1945, examining the European Union to see if his dream has been achieved.

Jean was born in Cognac in 1888,   to family of wealthy cognac merchants. His mother was a devout Catholic and his father radical socialist, Jean acquiring many liberal and anticlerical views from his father.   He   left home at sixteen moved to London were a colleague of the family trained Jean as a wine merchant.     He soon learned how to speak English and gained   knowledge of the world of business and trade, he began travelling the world to Europe, Canada and the United States   and soon promoting and selling his families product.   "This gave him a direct, down-to-earth insight into Anglo-American psychology in depth not just of the thin upper layers of society—that proved to be exceptionally productive in understanding the hinterland of the bankers, economists, businessmen, industrialists, politicians, and statesmen in...