Harsher Punishment for Perpatrators in Animal Cruelty Crimes

01 December 2010  
                          Harsher punishments for perpetrators in animal cruelty crimes    
      Why can a perpetrator abuse and torture animals and get no punishment for it? At the most these perpetrators get fine or probation. Even worse they are a loud to have animals in their possession after a few years. To know that someone can beat to death or mutilate a poor defenseless animal and get away with it sickens me. It takes a sick individual to be able to do such things to a living being. Someone like this is a danger not only to animals, but also to the people. What is it going to take for our government to change the laws on animal cruelty? I say we should all hold our government accountable for the laws and demand tougher punishments for animal cruelty. How many animals have to suffer before something takes effect to protect them? Animals are unable to speak for themselves, so if those of us who care about the humane treatment of living beings say nothing on their behalf, who will?
          In the United States all 50 states have some kind of laws regarding animal abuse and cruelty. In most states the abuse is only a misdemeanor, although some states have included felony level statutes for certain types of animal abuse. However, perpetrators being charged with felonies in these types of cases do not receive the punishment of a felony crime. We need harsher punishments for perpetrators who torture, abuse, neglect, inflict pain in any way, or kill innocent animals. Our laws are not tough enough for perpetrators who engage in such horrific crimes and barely get a punishment. In any area of life that a person does something wrong and gets away with it, they will most likely do again. The same goes for perpetrators who commit cruelty acts against animals and continue to get away with it. Therefore they will keep doing it, because nothing is being implemented to stop these awful acts.
        For example, a person that intentionally...