Harry Pushed Her

Old Age.

The beauty of old age lies in its deep understanding of life. The teachings of age have an undisputed edge over all other sources of learning in one's life. Aged people with wrinkled faces, white hair and trembling hands have faced the traumas of life which wrecked havoc and made them physically weak but they are facing wee hours of life gracefully. Life has played all kinds of games with these experienced players and now at the fag end life has surrendered and opened its arms to give them a final hug and is preparing to release them from all the bonds of living beings. Sitting on the park benches this wrinkled frail face of life is a storehouse of its secrets, ready and willing to open up at the slightest provocation. They have so much to give and so little to take but still we remain ignorant about the wisdom of old age. This stage of life has little selfishness left and is more than willing to share the knowledge that it has gathered in its long innings of life. These elderly people are well versed with life and are courageously waiting for the final verdict to be pronounced by it any time. Yet they are happy provided we don’t try to snatch the happiness away from them.

One Day I took the liberty of asking an old Gentleman about what he had gathered in this life and thus he spoke;

My Son, when we surrender to the will of the almighty, things become easy and peace of mind prevails. To understand and accept our limitations and leave certain things in the hands of the supreme power makes the life so much lighter. We take the things too seriously, whereas these are the predestined phases of life, which we are passing through. Nothing is permanent in this life all things have transitory nature and the situations keep changing. It is we who try to cling to one set of circumstances, forgetting the fact that life has so much more in store for us and we should look ahead. A learned person has written a small prayer that says, “God give me the serenity...