Situation Analysis


SWOT Analysis
Harrah’s has long history in the industry which allowed it develop in popular gambling destinations such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City early and become a staple brand. Having a SBU in various locations across the United States allows it to capture a lot of the market share. They are one of the biggest in the industry with over $10 billion in revenue. This shows a highly liquid, highly profitable business that could further grow through expansion with little effect on day to day operations. The Total Rewards program employed by Harrah’s gives it an extraordinary ability to gather customer data and buying behaviour from members over 50 properties across the United States. Using the data from over 32 million Total Rewards members, Harrah’s is able to analyze the data to provide more details on their customers’ interests and desires. Each SBU takes significant action to using individual data to provide a more personal interaction with the guest. Harrah’s excels in this type of Operational CRM. The Total Rewards program also increases customer spending by providing rewards that are relevant to each guest based on the analysis of the client data. These CRM capabilities allow Harrah’s to work to make each customer happy because a happy customer will return more frequently and will stay longer. This will also increase “word of mouth” to promote their success. The Total Rewards program creates a lot of flexibility for the end user as a large volume of diverse brands under Harrah’s all employ the Total Rewards program. Each SBU also keeps up with the technology improvements to provide operational CRM data that surpasses that of competitors. They also perform analyses using surveys and feedback from customers. They issue direct mail to each customer that is relevant to them which gives them a higher response rate in comparison to others in the industry.
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