Harming Our Under Life Species

06 July 2010 English

If we had to close our eyes and think about the ocean a nice, deep blue sea is easily conjured. There would be schools of fish that pass by each other and golden colored sand filled with corals and reef. The ocean is a beautiful and mysterious place to many because it is a completely different world. However, the oceans looks nothing like this anymore in reality. The waters have lost its translucent appearance and are murky. Now numbers of fish and sea life as we know it are decreasing exponentially. That small shrimp dinner ordered at the restaurant not only was made containing several pieces of shrimp, it was also made taking away countless lives. Sure it is “just a sea creature” but the ecosystem today is in danger because of overfishing and the excess amount of critters taken along with it. All life is precious and the world under us is being destroyed due to ignorance.

It is wonderful that technology has gotten very far making tasks that were once strenuous so much easier. With that ease it is impossible for ocean life to stand a chance against anything. The fishery ships nowadays are fully equipped with everything that is needed for hunting and there is so much success in the end as well. On average the main ships meant to provide counties with food and carry commercial sea creatures like tuna, for example, bring back on average 60,000 to 80,000 tons of fish. This is exceptionally more than the 30,000 tons that used to be brought in half a century ago. It is unreal that many of the fishery partnerships allow overfishing to take place even with the noticeable drops. Nine of the seventeen major fishing grounds have a serious decline of species. Rates began to diminish as early as the 1990s where in Canada there was a large depletion in the once bountiful codfish. Even in most parts of Asia where sea life is their abundant source of protein, the loss of numbers is just as much if not more. Over seventy percent of world fisheries are...