Hard Work

English 4
January 25, 2014
Period 3
Things do not happen. Things are made to Happen
Most people can argue that things just happened but I believe that things never happen magically, but we have to make things happen like my dad did. He had to learn survival skills by working for food and shelter. He left Honduras for a better life here in the United States, his way here wasn’t easy though. He watched from afar what the people had to do to cross the Rio Grande, while other people who were guided by the coyotes crossed.   But some may argue that you don’t have to work for success, if you are meant for success things will just happen because that was your destiny. I strongly disagree, first reason is because many people that are successful aren’t fortunate of having a gold crib as a baby, many people started off with a dream; to be someone and have more than their parents did as children. Everyone in some way have to work their way to the top of the hill at some point in their lives.
My dad was one of the people who were looking to have a little more than what his mother had. He crossed the desert to give his mom a better life along with his sister.   He planned big and accomplished some of his goals. He started at the age of 8 when his father passed away, he worked when he turned 10 years old planting grain and working in fields in Honduras. He sometimes worked loading bananas but was too hard of a job, but it didn’t work out because his pay was low and he was the only one supporting his family with money, since his dad was no longer a live at the time. They ate what they could; beans if they were lucky, and sometimes tortillas with salt when they didn’t. His mom asked people for food, in forms of loans to be paid off on the weekends, because that’s when he got paid. Eventually he built a house, made out of some tree leaves that were resistant to inclement weather and some kind of wood that was strong and durable. He only managed to do so from the small amount...