There are many factors that constitute happiness of a person, and different people have different opinions about being happy.In my opinion, I believe the key to happiness is: “someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for”- Elvis Presley.

Firstly, happiness is when someone is always be there with you by your side. That person may be one of family,good friends, special ones. Families possess unconditional love,always look out for you when others are against you. Being at home, you have a shelter where you can feel safe, where it is warm and cozy and where you can do all the things that you don’t want everyone else to see .Whatever happens in life, your family remains your family. Friends are also very important they are the ones whom you can share your inner feelings with, the ones that make you laugh,...Likewise, your special one will give you heartstrings moment which may be one of the happiest memories of your life.
In the second place,we don’t know when we die, with that in mind , can you see how precious life is? How blessed we are to be able to do all that we can do? We play, travel to interesting places, dance, listen to music, eat delicious food,… as a result, our   self esteem and happiness will increase.Life is a wonderful gift, don’t waste it with sorrow, just fill it with happiness by doing what you want, enjoy your day to the fullest.
Last but not least, hope also makes you happy. We all have something good to look forward to, no matter how strange your dreams are, they can still give you hope. You should be cheerful when you focus on the great things ahead and try your best to archive that.
There were many moments when life became depressing but as they say, the only real failure in life is the failure to try. Try to do what you want,Decide to be happy and you will; decide to be grumpy and you truly will be. Look around and you will see how lucky you are. Some people have less than others, but we all have something that nobody else...