Hansen Resturant

Hansen’s Restaurant
Hansen’s Restaurant
Kathryn McGarry, chef and co-owner of Hansen’s Hideaway, planned to expand the restaurant’s service
from breakfast and lunch to also include dinner. She had to decide if she should buy ready-to-cook, preportioned cuts of beef or fabricate portions in-house from larger cuts. She wanted to base the make or
buy decision on the lowest total cost of ownership. She needed to analyze her preliminary research to
present to her co-owners next Monday.
Hansen’s Hideaway
Hansen’s Hideaway was a family-owned business located on the Athabasca River in Jasper, Alberta. The
town benefited from the fact that each season attracted vacationers. Winter visitors came for downhill
skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing and ice skating. Spring featured river rafting, and summer boasted
freshwater fishing, biking, hiking and trail running. Fall brought hikers, mountain bikers and leafpeepers. Wildlife and nature were enjoyed year-round.
The Hideaway consisted of a dozen one- and two-bedroom cabins, and a lodge with Hansen’s
Restaurant and a general store that sold a limited selection of groceries, sundries and souvenirs. It was
started by Helen and Marvin Hansen in 1952. Their daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Patrick, had
run the business for the last 35 years. Now their son, Dean Hansen, and his wife, Kathryn, were
returning to take over management of the operation.
Dean had worked summers at Hansen’s until he headed off to the School of Hospitality, Food and
Tourism Management at the University of Guelph. Since graduating in 1995, he had worked a variety of
positions in hospitality management, including banquet manager at a large hotel, food and beverage
manager at a conference centre and, most recently, as a steakhouse manager.
Kathryn had spent her career in the hospitality industry, beginning with waiting tables in high school.
She had attended culinary school, and worked her way up in the kitchens of various types of...