Hand on a Hard Body

Morgan S. Burrows
Dana Allen
Eng 165.44
February 3, 2009
Hand on a Hard Body
What makes a documentary a good documentary? I believe that a good documentary is created when it provides correct factual information, is creatively humorous, shows a slice of real life, and involves human nature; competition, endurance, utility needs, financial issues, social dynamics, and individual dynamics.   I believe Hand on a Hard Body makes a good documentary because it covers these topics, especially informing, creativity, and human nature.
Informing the viewer is an especially important part of a documentary! The formal purpose of a documentary is to inform, and the amount and pertinence of information which is reported in the film is the basic measure of quality regarding any documentary. The producer must use facts and give background information on the topic being reviewed. The information must not only be true but also must be engaging to the viewer. The location, people involved, time, and setting all come together to tell the vivid true story of Hand on a Hard Body. The producer starts off by stating the location which was Longview, Texas, along with the time and the fact that it took place at a Nissan dealer ship. Without all this information the viewer would be unable to truly grasp the lifestyle of these “backwoods hicks”. The more factual knowledge which may be shared by the producer the greater the possibility of impact the movie will have upon the viewer. Another thing that has a major impact on the viewer is how the movie is portrayed and how creative the producer is in the production of it.
Creativity is a vital part of any movie or documentary. It helps to keep the viewer interested and entertained. In this particular documentary the producer does not have to do too much work in order to create entertainment. The people that were filmed have quite a lot of character on their own helping to hold the viewers attention throughout the film. Fitting each slide...