Hammer Crusher Advantages Introduction

If the limestone hammer crusher 10 th/h after using a few years. How to do, let the experts Henan Hongxing machinery tell us how to limestone hammer crusher 10 th/h , derusting. In the steel surface by electroplating, hot plating, plating a layer of not easy rusty metal, such as zinc, chromium, nickel, tin. There is no dust pollution, no damage to steel, greatly improve the efficiency of derusting, derusting quality. But after rust removal of steel is easy to rust, shall apply exclusively with wet rust paint, coating has great influence on the general properties of the coating. Gold ore mining equipment perennial work in an open environment, eroding the rain, wind, sunlight can make the limestone hammer crusher 10 th/h surface is easy to rust.

Chemical derusting: in the field of chemistry, acid can react with a metal oxide, a derusting method to get rid of limestone hammer crusher 10 th/h belongs to the corrosion the product surface, known as pickling rust, can only operate in the workshop. High-pressure water abrasive blasting: damage and corrosion coating on the steel adhesion using high pressure water jet hammer. Electric derusting, major in electric or compressed air as a driving force, the assembly suitable descaling device, reciprocating or rotary motion, in order to meet the requirements of various occasions of rust.

Oxidation resistant paint: in limestone hammer crusher 10 th/h coated with mineral oil, paint or baking enamel, plastic etc.The metal oxide film surface can form a layer of dense, thereby preventing stone products and water, air and other material contact and rust. Derusting work above is Henan Hongxing machinery to do on the Small series limestone hammer crusher 10 th/h , of course, the most important thing is to the limestone hammer crusher 10 th/h technician and daily protection, to ensure that the use of specification, proper protection, not because of the daily operating habits and reduce the stone crusher life and the use period....