Bloodshed,tears weapped, and literally a backstabbing, are all situations that take place in the tragedy that is, Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar .Many say it was fate for Caesar to die but it was all because of free will. Free will is when a person voluntarily makes a choice or decision out of freedom and the outcome is not pre-determined or, altered by divine intervention. Fate is when an ultimate power does pre-determine events and the outcome of anything   like misfortune,doom, or even death. in this case it was free will. One, because Caesar made the choice not to listen to the senate in things such as, ignoring the law that, no general could enter the city with his army. He was like a king, even though he denied the crown three times, he was considered more than a consul, tribune of the people, high commander of the army or a high priest. He was an idol, a god even,the people put Julius on a pedastal.Throughout Shakespeare's play it also shows free will in the conversation between Cassius and Brutus, this is when Brutus decides to start planning the assassination of Caesar. Though Cassius plants the seed in Brutus’s head and it may seem like he is foreshadowing what is going to happen, you must remember that foreshadowing is not fate, it is just a literary device within a story to give you a hint on what is yet to come and you cannot foreshadow life unless you know the future. Fate may seem to appear within the play because maybe it was fate all along for Caesar to be assassinated and for the spiral effect of deaths to happen, maybe it was all in the plan.although it all depends wether you believe in another force out there or not. If you believe in fate you cannot believe in free will cause if it is fate,that means it was in the plan for you to make the choice you did, so therefore do you really have free will? And if you believe in free will there is no fate because that means you determine the outcome of your own future.