Ultimately in Hamlet it is the representation of the human condition that captivates the audience. Explore the representation of the human condition and evaluate its significance in the play as a whole.

Hamlet is a revenge tragedy that explores aspects that make human existence meaningful and ultimately provides a sense of purpose. Hamlet is the representation of humanity. He portrays the desire of an individual to explore their existence and how society acts as a result. Understanding the meaning of existence is complex and hence Hamlet takes the responder on a difficult journey. Hamlet explores and agonises over aspects of his life, making melancholic assumptions before reaching the truth. The responder feels a connection to Hamlet’s desperate search and so is able to sympathise with its turmoil.

Hamlet reflects an individual’s inability to control what they believe needs to be controlled. Society, within it has corruption and deception like that of Elsinore. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” This suggests that Denmark is balanced and has stability superficially, yet underneath it is seen to have flaws and problems which are not present at first. The chaos that reigns in Elsinore is not accepted by Hamlet and leads him to insanity as he can not control what he wants to be controlled. The ghost acts as a symbol of a spirit that has unfinished business. It is in a state of limbo and to overcome this it needs to complete what it intended to do. “No reckoning made but sent to my account with all my imperfections on my head.” Old Hamlet’s state as a ghost conveys to the audience that without confessing his sins he will lie with them in his state of limbo.

As Hamlet expresses “Denmark’s a prison” he has in mind that he feels trapped within the community of Elsinore and that of a corrupt world controlled by Claudius who committed fratricide and regicide. “But that I am forbid to tell the secrets of my prison house” Old Hamlet also sees Denmark as a...