Half Full

Long Time In Waiting
It’s almost as instantaneous as saying “ouch” when you hurt yourself. I am the type of person that sees the glass half empty not half full. It’s something I can’t control no matter how hard I try to change. As soon as I am faced with a new environment or situation I immediately scan the room and find things that make me different from the norm.
My eyes act like a magnifying glass picking up every little detail, my hair is a different colour to hers and she has a gold ring. This is what I face every day when I arrive at work. To you it probably seems as if I am the new employee finding it difficult to fit in with the old secretary that looks as if she has been there since she was that young blonde just out of high school. However this is not the case I have worked here for the past eleven years and can tell you the exact place of every piece of furniture in the room. The place hasn’t changed one bit. The old now out dated computers are still struggling with each day that passes and the carpet is the colour of bright oranges that was popular in the sixties. It is all still here yet I have never felt that feeling of being home.
* * * * *
The day begins as normal. I dress in ordinary black pants and a blouse. You know the type where the collar is so stiff it won’t if bend or sit properly.   I take the same road everyday straight up 53rd and a quick left into Eddy Ave. Before I even reach the building where I’ve worked for the last eleven years my hands begin to tremble. The fear is indescribable. As I lock the car the keys slip out of my shaky hands. It feels just like my first day of high school the feeling of the unknown.
I walk past the girls at the reception as I say “morning” without making direct eye contact for the fear of them realising who I am. A quick nod and wave to the mailman before I turn in to my workstation. I am absolutely swamped today, we have the annual report due for all the suppliers in the country. I will barely...