Hairdressing Level 3 Bridal 311

Assignment 311

Bridal Hair
Jessica Smith 203102 Hairdressing level 3 2014

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1. Jessica Smith Task 1 Produce a style guide Candidates are required to produce a style guide for FOUR different bridal looks including the following techniques:  Rolls  Knots  Twists  Plats  Curls  Woven effect

To complete the task, candidates are required to:  State how each look is achieved  State products, tools, equipment, ornamentation and any additional services used  Describe the factors to be considered  Explain the advantages of added hair and hair pieces when styling bridal hair  Describe three problems, and remedial action, that may occur during the bridal hairstyling service.

2. Jessica Smith LOOK 1 : White Ice – Curls, Plat and Roll


Step 1 - White Ice – To begin with, hair is freshly washed with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner just on the ends of the hair, and then blow-dried straight. This will rid the hair of any product build up and oil residues, making the finished look appear neat and smooth. Using a clarifying shampoo will leave the hair squeaky clean and using conditioner just on the ends of the hair will make sure the hair is not too smooth so that it wouldn’t hold a style.


Step 2 - A horseshoe section is taken from top of the ear to the other. This is then secured neatly in a ponytail just above the occipital bone. The front section is parted on a side parting most comfortable for the client. Twisting the hair and asking the client to hold the sections or clipping them with butterfly clips will ensure they keep out of the way until needed.


Step 3 - The back ponytail section is then secured with another bobble halfway down the tail. It is always recommended to use bobbles coloured matched as closely to the client’s hair as possible as this will ensure complete discretion, giving a neat and tidy finish. Snag free bands are also advised to...