Haidilao Hotpot Case Study

During the meal we will provide considerate services as following:
Inside the restaurant was really spacious, and seats are nicely spread out. To ensure customers can have more privacy and comfortable meal. And then, we used ipad to take order, established children entertainment area in one corner, which cater to parents who wants to have a peaceful meal, offered zip-lock bag for you to placed your mobile phone inside to prevent it from becoming dirty, in addition rubber bands for girls’ long hair,   free aprons for dining,   glass clothes to avoid water vapour from hot pot, mini crib for infant, the other thing was staff would hand customer a paper towel to dry hands after they washing their hands.
Remind customers: 
If guests order too much dishes and the waiter will remind them promptly in order to save their money and reduce the waste of foods. In addition, the waiter will take the initiative to remind diners that all kinds of food can be provided as a half, so we can enjoy two kinds of food in a same price as usual.
As we all know, sometimes the naughty children will destroy the dining atmosphere, so it is a dilemma for parents. However, the waiter of Haidilao will temporarily act as a baby sitter to take care of these children, such as play with them and help to fed them. By doing this, parents can enjoy their eating time possibly.
Handmade noodle show
If you want to have some noodle, don’t forget to ask for the noodle show – an energetic waiter will pull noodles right at your table. The Noodles will be shown around the chair of the sitting customers and danced flexibly like a snake.